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What Our Customers Say

“Excellent, bought this towel for a holiday and quite possibly the softest beach towel I have ever had. The felling is much better than standard microfibre towels, it’s nice to have the cotton backing as is much better on my skin”

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Help to save 10 baby sea turtles return to our oceans with every order

The world's oceans are home to many fascinating creatures, but few are as captivating as sea turtles. These gentle reptiles have captured the hearts of people around the globe with their graceful movements and ancient beauty. Unfortunately, sea turtles are facing numerous threats, pushing them towards extinction. At The Shoreside Company we are passionate about preserving our oceans and its beautiful contents, we believe shopping with a purpose. Each order with us will help to save on average 10 baby sea turtles return to the ocean through the amazing work of SEE Turtles and the billion baby turtles program