Shoresides super soft beach towels have been designed combining the traditional Terry Cotton towel, for optimal drying and comfort, along with the modern quick drying microfibre.  If you find the regular thin quick dry towels are not for you, our Shoreside cotton mix, quick dry towels, are the perfect beach companion. 

Shoreside Towels are Made in Great Britain.

Absorbent - Our towels have a non printed traditional 100% Terry Cotton backing for optimal drying and comfort

Quick Drying - With the 50/50 Mix of Cotton and Velour our towels are much faster drying then a traditional towel

Soft Material - The signature printed velour front makes this towel the perfect lounging companion

Low Sand Pick Up - Leave the beach behind, One flick is all it takes to remove any sand at the end of the day

Functional - Shoreside towels aren’t just great for the beach, use them at home, by the pool, anywhere!

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