A British company built on a passion for adventures and costal living.

Inspired from 30 years of a British coastal lifestyle, the Shoreside Company was born, with our roots nestled between the beautiful Isle of Wight and Brighton, we are never far from a salty air adventure or a relaxing beach day.  It’s our happy place and we believe we should all have shoreside moments in our life.

Here at The Shoreside Company we are passionate about the environment, especially the oceans and the beaches that we all love and enjoy.  Our products are made within Great Britain, using sustainably sourced materials and sustainable production methods.  We use only 100% recyclable plastic free packaging.

We Support charities, to support them with the amazing work they do for our oceans and beaches, ensuring we may all continue to enjoy a beautiful shoreside moment, and importantly, for future generations too.

Our team are currently busy working behind the scenes, to release our full collections, including several ranges from sustainable organic clothing to offshore performance clothing. 

Current Charity Partnership - See Turtles

Previous Partners - Mental Health Swims

The world's oceans are home to many fascinating creatures, but few are as captivating as sea turtles. These gentle reptiles have captured the hearts of people around the globe with their graceful movements and ancient beauty. Unfortunately, sea turtles are facing numerous threats, pushing them towards extinction. At The Shoreside Company we are passionate about preserving our oceans and its beautiful contents, we believe shipping with a purpose. Each order with us will help to save on average 10 baby sea turtles return to the ocean through the amazing work of SEE Turtles and the billion baby turtles program